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Anne Murphy

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To be successful in your online business, you need to be driving traffic to your online business, if you have one or at least taking full advantage of social media and other platforms to get that traffic to boost your revenue. But at what price?


Here’s how to increase your website traffic for free.

Do you need a website for your business?

Not everyone who is selling their products or services on the internet have a website. They can direct people from their social media accounts to a landing page and people can pay for products from there.

Also, physical stores are still around so you have walk-in traffic but having a website as your online space for your business, I believe, is vital in today’s marketplace.

People go to Google for just about everything today and if your business is what they’re looking for, they’ll find you and be able to buy from you online.

Not only that, by writing blog posts regularly on your website, that is articles, product reviews, campaigns you’re running, specials or information about your products and services gives you yet another opportunity for people to find you and increase traffic to your website.


Do I need to pay for this?

You can, of course, pay for traffic using any number of the social media platforms to drive a targeted audience to your website and hopefully buy your products and services.

Unless you’re an experienced Facebook, Google or Bing ads marketing expert it’s a bit like ‘Russian roulette’. You could be pouring money into paying for ads with no traffic and therefore no sales.

How do I get traffic for free?

There is another way you can drive traffic for free and one that I use for all of my online businesses that is my number one source of the traffic to the websites.

It is Pinterest. If you’re not familiar with Pinterest, it isn’t a social media platform but rather another search engine that is based on visual ‘pins’ which people who have a Pinterest account can or will repin and perhaps click on therefore being directed to your website.

According to Hootsuite, in 2019, there are over 250 million users on Pinterest every month and is the fourth most widely used platform behind Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.

The best part about being a visual platform is that a user can search for what they’re looking for without having to click on a link like you would if you searched on Google. The image and the link are there together in one place.


How do I use Pinterest for my business?

You create a business account which gives you access to statistics and reporting plus your website (this is where it’s vital to have a website for your business) is linked to the account.

You create Boards of different interests and you pin images with the links to those Boards.

For example, if you were a Travel consultant, you might create Boards on subjects like “Travelling to Greece”, “Travelling to Ireland”, “Travelling to Perth”, “What to See & Do in Las Vegas” etc.

To begin, you would then use the search field to search for pins based on those boards you created and pin each image you believe is relevant to that particular Board.


You then also pin your website, your blog articles, even your social media posts to those Boards. As long as you have an image and a link, you can pin it to Pinterest.


There are many other strategies that can be used to drive traffic to your website using Pinterest and I’ve put my top 10 tips for driving traffic to your website in this FREE download.


But is it good for my business?

I use Pinterest for a wide range of industries, for example, outdoor gardening, home and lifestyle, family-related business, homewares and music artists.

It works for any industry. As long as you have an image and a link you can pin it to Pinterest.


Up to 90% of weekly users of Pinterest are now heading straight to this platform to buy products and pay for services. It’s a platform that you can’t afford not to use for your business.

Anne Murphy

The Blog Coach

Anne Murphy is The Blog Coach. Anne has been blogging for over 10 years and has created a successful online business through blogging. She now helps people turn their blogs into profitable businesses using free traffic methods and a positive mindset.


Anne offers a FREE Blog Audit at her website  Anne is a married mother of 2 teens and lives in a bayside suburb of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.




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