It is my vision that the Redlands Business Directory will become the
 #1 go-to resource to connect our community with local businesses.

Many years ago, Redlands locals would have turned to the Yellow Pages to find a builder, hairdresser or someone to build a website - but times have changed.


The Sensis website states that just “1 in 3 Aussies use the Yellow Pages Book every year, with 59% of people aged over 50 choosing the book as their go-to”.


What about the other 41% of those over 50, or the other 2/3 Aussies? They will ask friends for referrals, they will do searches on Google, and they will refer to online directories.


That got me thinking, what if there was an online directory just for businesses from the REDLANDS? How great would that be for our community as a whole, if we could find trusted, local businesses, in one central location – and how much time we would save if we were able to contact the right place straight away? And how great would that be for the local economy?

If you click on you will see it is so much more than just a list of phone numbers and websites. The Redlands Business Directory has self-managed member profiles with integrated Facebook and Twitter feeds. And in addition to the above, approved members can share events via a central calendar and publishing content/articles. With this platform we will be able to offer members the opportunity to give and receive reviews, and the option to message or call members directly, or book appointments.


 In terms of functionality, this platform is incredible – it has

  • Live Google Map integrations;

  • Is 100% mobile friendly;

  • Has fully-integrated SEO;

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Photo Credit: Raby Bay

RJ Warrender Photography

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"Finally! A quality local directory for businesses in the Redlands!

Redlands Business Directory is a brilliant online business directory and a huge asset to local businesses and groups. It is simple to use, great value for money - and works to give great visibility to local businesses.

Love what Michelle has created, and love her support of locals. Thank you!"



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