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Mel Nicholson-Rusk

Insura Broking Group

I know… I can imagine you now rolling your eyes!  Yes insurance can be complex and confusing and boring, but is also an absolute must have for all businesses.  Running a business can put you face to face with a number of risks each day; from fire & storm damage, theft, financial loss by being sued by a member of the public for damage caused by the negligence of your business actions. There are a number of types of insurance that relate to different industries, professions and activities that may be applicable to your business.


As an Insurance Broker I understand how devastating it can be if you “get if half right” ‘get it wrong.’ It is therefore essential that you enlist the help of a trusted Insurance Broker to help you feel confident you have the cover you require.  Having a qualified insurance broker on your side will also save you time, leaving you to focus on running your business. We take the time to understand the risks your business face, and tailor policies to match your needs. We do the research for you, we arrange cover and we take on the role of your claims advocate if the unthinkable happens.


So, what insurances does your business need? Well each business is different and depends on a number of factors including;

  • What kind of business you are running?

  • What is the size of your business?

  • Do you make goods and sell to the public?

  • Do you give advice in a professional capacity?

  • Do you employ staff?

  • Do you transact online?


These are some questions that need to be addressed to work out what Insurance is right for your business.


For example if your Business charges a fee for advice or does design work, you may well need Professional Indemnity InsurancePublic & Products Liability is designed to protect your business against claims of personal or property damage a third party suffers as a result of your business activities; Do you rely on a computer system for emails, running a website or banking? Then Cyber Insurance may be of benefit; 

A product based business may like to insure goods in transit for importing, exporting or local travel.

The list doesn’t stop there…Management Liability, Trade Credit, Corporate Travel, Work Cover, Motor Insurance, Business Insurance.


But as I mentioned, not every business will need all of these covers. What you will need is expert assistance in understand how to maximise the coverage you get for your insurance spend.


At Insura Broking group, our qualified staff specialise in working with businesses across a wide range of industries and are able to quickly identify risks that are specific to your type of business, matching you with the correct policy. We also have access to competitive pricing, broad coverages and customised options, leaving you to focus on what’s important.


Working with an Insurance Broker also gives you a claims advocate to help you through the Claims process, taking the worry off your hands and managing the administration for you. Because we work for you and not the insurers, we will work efficiently to resolve any issues and work hard to get the right result for you and your business.


I understand that no one likes to have insurance but you’ve put in too much hard work to risk your livelihood by having your passion decimated by inadequate insurance. At best, you pay your insurances every year and never have to make a claim.  But if you are relying on a ‘budget’ or ‘cheap’ policy you took out online, you may be at risk of underinsurance or unaware of cover exclusions and left without any support if you suffer a loss. We’ve all heard the horror stories.  Don’t be one of them.


I urge every business owner to speak to an experienced insurance broker to ensure you have the right level of cover at the right price if something doesn’t go to plan. Importantly, you need to review your cover regularly to factor any changes to your circumstances.


Contact the qualified team at Insura Broking Group today for the advice and assistance your business deserves.

Mel Nicholson-Rusk

Insura Broking Group

"Mel has worked in the Insurance Industry for four years and completed the Diploma of Insurance Broking. Mel has experience in all aspects of General Insurance, and she is enjoys working alongside start-up businesses to ensure they are adequately covered right from the start!"

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